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10,000 photos from the city of Venice, strung together to form a portrait of the sinking city. We travelled to Italy late in the Summer to explore one of the oldest working cities in Europe, it's a hive of activity with its tight twisting streets feeling at near capacity. But not with traders and merchants like in days of old, but with the swarm of tourists who flood into the city each day to marvel at its architecture and explore the relics collected here over generations. Around 75% of the population are now tourists, with very few homes left on the island. In the peak season over 130,000 come into the city each day. The whole place feels somewhat like a theme park enjoyed by all that visit but behind the thin welcoming facade, it is clear that this change has taken away what was at the heart of the city for those who originally grew up here.

But without these tourists then the island would quite probably be unable to survive and maintain itself. There is a constant series of running repairs to the miles of canal that criss cross the city, the water is slowly ripping the foundations out from under the buildings. With global warming the water level is also increasing little by little and adding to even more Acqua alta” occurrences.

The city does still have a certain charm to it, and if you are willing to forego the usual hotspots you can escape the crowds and see a glimpse of what Venice was potentially like one day. For us, we may not be back, but I’m glad we were able to visit.

Venice 2018-09-22 12.07.38 1.jpg


Camera - Panasonic GX80 + 20mm f1.7

Sound - Google Pixel 2 audio app (Additional foley from

Graded in Lightroom + VSCO Film Simulation

Edited Davinci Resolve (inc. Sound Design)