Latest Work

Latest Work


Camera - FS5 + GH5

Lens - Sigma 18-35

It was great to work on this little independant project following Katharine as she setup her latest installation. I spent only a couple of days with her, but with the drama of the glass, fire and lasers I think we were able to produce something that captures what motivates her and her techniques in producing these astonishing pieces of art.

Katharine Dowson has long been fascinated with what goes on inside our bodies, and with the symbolic objects and actions that are linked to healing body and mind.

In this installation, Concealed Shield takes place inside a symbolic chimney, and possibly inside the heads of viewers wanting to protect their homes. The sounds in the dark room suggest the presence of unseen creatures, imagined to be concealed in the fabric of the walls. On entering the dark space, the viewer may experience the feeling of being surrounded by mysterious forces and by scurring beast-like demons. The red shadows on the wall point to the piercing of the witch's heart.

The exhibition "Spellbound: Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft" runs from 31st Aug 2018 - 6th Jan 2019 at the Ashmolean in Oxford.