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Latest Work

Jenny Graham - A week in the Highlands

Jenny Graham isn't your normal Ultra Endurance athlete…

She was a young adult by the time she was introduced to outdoor sports. Having had her son, Lachlan, when she was 18 and being a single mum before 20, the outdoor life was a million miles away from the worlds she had known. But she soon set about carving out a place within it. As Lachlan grew, so did their passion for the hills and they headed for them at any opportunity, by foot, bike or on skis. She began building experience in mountaineering and travelled to many mountain ranges to explore not only amazing places but her own ability. Her relationship with bikes remained strong all the way through, although looking back it would be classed as her 'normal' phase.

It was only five years ago, when planning a bike trip to Romania, that she was introduced to the Highland Trail 550, and life has never been the same since!

She began to merge her passion for travelling over harsh mountainous environments with her love of bikes. Being able to covering large distances, completely reliant on her own ability and forever pushing herself out of her comfort zone, asking herself:

“Yeah, but I wonder how far I could actually go...”

Since then (enter the 'obsessive' stage) she's set her sights on answering that question. Every time she feels she may have come close she digs a little deeper, spurred on to more, it’s like a bottomless answer. Further and further.

This is just the start for us, as you might already know, in 2018 Jenny became the fastest woman to ever cycle around the world. A huge achievement that we were lucky enough to document. This short film will be followed in 2019 with a longer piece documenting her amazing journey. To follow this film please visit -

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