Every crooked Lateral Incisor or over zealous Premolar tells a story…

My torment began as a child. I just couldn't eat. I would literally spend my entire lunch breaks in primary school pawing at my lunch piece with a gummy chew. Longing to be able to escape the torture and join the excitement of the playground. I would fear lunch. Yearning for yoghurts and Dairylea.. only to be greeted by my nemesis. The Ham Sandwich. 

It was a tough few years waiting for my Maxillary Central Incisors to join the party.

And when they did.. they had missed the memo about lining up, nice and neat, ready to get to work. Instead they made a quick dash for the door, determined to escape my mouth and see what else was out in the big bad world. I was left with only one choice.. back to the Dentists chair.

As an angsty teenager, this encounter with the family Dentist did not end well. The contraption fitted to restrain my nashers was more akin to a branks bridle than any form of medical device. It had to go. There was no way I could go to school like this.

After that it was another 15 years till I was back at the Dentists, and this time they had to be sorted. The battle was on, and I was in it for the long haul. Lying back in the dentists chair started to bring it all back. The smell. The sounds.. The torture… But the tracks were laid and it was a non stop express to straight Teeth town.

When you have braces it gives you a unique perspective on the importance of Teeth. With braces Teeth become your life. It’s partly to do with the constant ache throbbing out of every single Tooth, and partly do to the sheer size of the rigging, cables and composite materials crammed into every corner of your mouth. With so much focus on your own mouth, you can’t help but take a interest in the mouths of others.

this film is about much more than just my own trouble with those little enamel tormentors. It explores our need to conform and our obsession with appearance in this age of the selfie.