The Welsh Valleys

Camera: Fuji X-Pro1

Lens: Tamron 28mm

In July, after returning from the Algrave we took a trip over to Wales to visit my family. Staying in a small town in the north east of Wales we were surrounded by canals and water ways, many of which were full of long boats. I took my Fuji around with me on the 2 days we had there and snapped a number of pictures, but it wasn't till the last night that we had some proper weather.

This photo was taken from a small medieval fort that was atop of a hill just along from where my family were staying. We walked out to it one night and I was glad we did as the evening sun was at last starting to burn through the over cast weather. We only climbed a short distance up but as we were already up the back of the glen it opened out the landscape in front.

All images i took from up at the fort were shot between f11 and f32 on a 1970s Tamron 28mm using a nikon to fuji adaptor. Working fully manual and using the EVF allowed me to get a relatively good feel for focus, but at f32 this isn't really a big deal, and all were shot hand held.