The Job

Its always a pleasure to be able to work with the team at Fly Boy Films in Dundee. The project, titled 'The Job', was developed by Adam McNamara who himself originally worked for Police Scotland. The script for this short pilot, and the wider series is a real gem. Adam brings a inside knowledge to the story and it ticks the 'so funny it must be true' box of dry wit and humour throughout.

Brian McCardie had some cracking lines, and the crew all did well to hold it together (most of the time) when he brought his undeniable ability and comedy to the role of Geoff. Dan Portman, of Game Of Thrones fame, was also involved as the main thorn in the polices side and drew a lot of attention throughout the filming in Dundee.

As Assistant Director, this project brought with it its own challenges as the crew of around 20 included the hire of a police car and large number of location changes to allow the action to flow from scene to scene.

filmTom Hogben