Loch Ness

I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks working around Loch Ness shooting a commercial for the Destination Loch Ness team. In doing this it opened up a number of opportunities to shoot some photos as well, which although I used to live down past the Loch out by Drumnadrochit, so know the north side of the Loch pretty well, I had never really been round the south side. 

It was a real eye opener to have look along the south side. And i must admit the best views are from over that side. The sun comes up and over, at this time of year anyway, along the northish side of the Loch, giving it a better lighting, where you can either turn and shoot into the hills with the sun down the lens, or with your back to the sun get some sharp views of the Loch.

The sun was also setting right down behind Fort Augustus as well, making a great orange/red sky in the evening. It took about 8 mins for the sun to actually go from setting to gone. Not long at all.. but from around 6:40pm till 8pm the light was pretty nice.

Graeme Ambrose, executive director of the not-for-profit Destination Loch Ness group at the time, said the film aimed to show potential visitors activities on offer around Loch Ness and dispel the myth that it was all about Loch Ness monster spotting.

"The producers successfully rose to the challenge, with the video featuring footage of much of the area’s exciting new exploration infrastructure such as the recently inaugurated South Loch Ness Trail and the Great Glen Canoe Trail set alongside peeks at magical Loch Ness moments – from an impromptu dip to a romantic lochside toast."