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Latest Work

The Weaver's Tale

Harris Tweed is a material that tells its own story. From the flicks of colour to the regimented patterns, each cloth has a character unique to the journey its been on. The Harris Tweed weaver is a true artisan, the master of his loom in the same way a musician relates to his instrument. Each loom will have its own sound, quirks and idiosyncrasies and only the weaver will know how to get the best from it. It may take a weaver hours to ready his loom for weaving a new cloth and once weaving may create four meters of crafted tweed an hour once underway, watching constantly for flaws as they go.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Mills of Harris back in the summer of 2016, was captured by the charm of the landscapes and the passion which there still is for a industry that has changed little over the last 100 years. The medley of tracks, played by Ryan Young, reminds me of my time on the Island and felt fitting to the spinning looms and dark landscapes.

Camera - Sony FS5
Edit - Premier Pro
Sound - Audition
Grade - Davinci Resolve

Music used with permission of Ryan Young, recorded live from the Young Trad 2016 concert.

This material was originally shot for the larger 'Harris to Paris' documentary -

You can find out more about Harris Tweed at -