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Latest Work

The Northern Lights - March 2016

Its one of those things that you never really get used to seeing, the sky dancing with different colours. Lit up green with hints of blue or purple just coming though. The aurora is pretty special. Living in the north gives us the opportunity  to be able to see this spectacle more often than many, so its always a treat to take the camera out and try to capture it.

Its actually easier said than done though, as the speed at which the aurora strikes is surprisingly fast. Some waves take only seconds to appear and disappear, whilst others slowly build in amongst the cloud of colour. Its not always in the same pace either, it arcs right across the horizon often and the moments of most activity can spring up at any point along the cloud.

The start of March was my second attempt at trying to capture the aurora in a bit more detail, taking on board the issues i had in my first outing.