Latest Work

Latest Work

Hell in the Highlands

Made in September 2014 in Inverness, Scotland.

It was a big year for Scotland in 2014, with the independence referendum taking centre stage across the country. We decided to take the afternoon off work at dp digital media and go out and make a short film which reflected, in a comic way, the tensions that the debate had uncovered.

Allan Crook developed the story and Directed the short piece whilst I worked as Camera Operator/DOP.

In Allans words "We wanted to make a film about the Scottish Independence Referendum that is due to occur on the 18th September 2014. This vote will decide whether Scotland remains in the United Kingdom or not. We set out to make an politically impartial film that stripped the debate down to what is essentially a fight between to opposing forces. The inspiration and title came from the Lee Marvin/Toshiro Mifune film Hell In The Pacific about two shipwrecked US and Japanese soldiers during WW2 who have to work together to escape a desert island. It was shot in Culloden Woods in the Highlands of Scotland."