Ben Wyvis


Living in the shadow of the Ben for so many years, it had been on the bucket list to climb for some time. The issue had always been more the weather than the motivation... It seems to cling to the clouds and hold onto the rain more than most of the Bens up here. But at last the stars aligned and we had a spare weekend and clear(ish) sky, so it would have been rude not to head up to explore Wyvis.

It is amazingly steep in sections. I completely under estimated how quickly the ground would fall away as we began to climb the staircase of rock which takes you up to the summit. The further we climbed the quicker the clouds seemed to role in, making for a atmospheric if a little over powering scene at the top.

Never under estimate the speed at which the weather in Scotland can change, we were properly equipped and able to adapt to the worsening weather with layers and water proofs, but the dangers even on a wee Munro like Ben Wyvis are very real. If in doubt seek advice from the fantastic people at the Mountain Rescue before you leave the house. Their website is superb resource from anyone contemplating a adventure in the Scottish hills.