02 27 860

For me, this is where it all begun.

I have always had a passion for racing. Be it bikes, cars, karts.. what ever I could get my hands on, but the pressures of pushing yourself against the clock, chasing every fraction of a second brings a level of competition that can cloud everything else around you. I wanted to explore this in the film and look at how a rider sees a race course. The smallest details and moments of precision that make the difference between 02:27:897 and 02:27:860. And that difference is important.

The film was also selected for the BFF and screened in New York and London as part of their traveling show.

There were many people involved in making this project happen but a big thank you should go to Ben Cortis, Andrew Kirk, Ian McAllister, Simon Cortis, Steven Brock, Tom Akass and Steve Hogben.